Student Life
at Cornerstone

True education is training the body, the mind, and the soul. Aiming towards excellence in sports, the school provides its students with a multitude of opportunities to choose a sport of their choice.

Sports - an essential element of education. The school believes that academics and sports complement each other and both result in the all-round development of the students. We Provide basic coaching by qualified teachers in


School Houses

The school follows a House System to develop qualities of leadership, self- reliance and teamwork. The entire student community is divided into four houses

  • Builds a sense of belonging and a feeling of unity in being a part of a specific house
  • inculcates team-spirit, sense of pride and provides opportunities to develop social, intellectual, physical and emotional skills. 
  • a remarkable medium for enabling students of different ages to bond together and operate as a cohesive family.

The four houses adhere to a duty schedule throughout the year. The students present the morning assembly, undertake recess, late comers’ and dispersal duty and participate in a host of inter-house events like origami, elocution, debate, poster-making, slogan-writing etc., The houses are in competition against each other to secure the highest points at the end of the academic year. 

Performing & visual art

Creative forms of expression serve as nourishment for the soul. Music enriches the soul and symbolizes the language of love. Vocal music is compulsory for pre primary & primary. Students of grades 6 & above may choose to learn the guitar or the keyboard as part of their creative co-curricular activities. These activities are conducted once a week under the guidance of trained experts. A small group of students is trained to play for the marching band.

Field trips/ Pleasure trips

Field trips, educational trips & pleasure trips are undertaken by all students to enrich the curriculum and develop teamwork, social skills, cohesiveness, adaptability, and self-confidence. It also creates lifelong memories!


Dance as an art form is ever-evolving. It is a holistic activity for the mind, body and soul which aims at channelizing students’ energy in a resourceful manner. Dance classes are offered to students one period a week, for primary school children, as part of the regular timetable, guided by qualified teachers. Middle & secondary school students who are inclined towards dance are encouraged to take up dance or theatre as a part of Art Education classes.

Art & craft & painting

Art and craft activities help instill a sense of achievement and pride in children, boosting their self-confidence. NEP 2020 recommends art integration as a means of learning concepts 'through the arts' and 'with the arts'. Art & craft classes are conducted once a week and follow a prescribed content. Painting is an option for middle and secondary school students.


Cornerstone believes that development of a child is not solely through academics, but also through adequate exposure to extra-curricular activities. These activities form part of a regular routine at school. The School offers a variety of activities/ opportunities that include –

Cornerstone Spellist : The inhouse SpellBee- Spelling a word correctly is an essential skill. Spelling aids in reading. Being a confident speller leads to confidence in all literary aspects. To develop spelling skills in students, Cornerstone Spellist is held every month. This also prepares the students to compete in other inter-school spell-bee contests.

Students are encouraged to participate in various Olympiads (English, Math, Science, Hindi, Cyber, General Knowledge, Social Studies).

Being a part of CS family, students get ample opportunities to actively take part in inter-school competitions in sports, performing arts, literary and creative events.

In-house/ class events such as elocution, quiz, poster making, Slogan writing, story narration/ enactments, declamation, seminars are held every month, throughout the year to help students enhance their confidence.

Student Council (Leaders-in-making)

Cornerstone has a Student Council, with dynamic and energetic members, that contributes to the proper functioning of the school’s policies, curricular and extra-curricular activities. The council members work as a team for the effective functioning of the system.

The StudCo consists of the School Prefect, Deputy Prefect, Sports Captain, Hygiene and Discipline Secretaries, House captains and the Vice-Captains of the four Houses.

The StudCo is constantly monitored by a team of faculty members who guide the council members to execute their responsibilities to the best of their ability.

Rising Stars of Cornerstone School

Shruthi Y- Badminton
Diana Grace - Gynmastics Gold at National Level
Jenis Valencia- Skating Gold at National Level

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The school follows a House System to develop qualities of leadership, self- reliance and teamwork. The entire student community is divided into four houses

Student life