Foundational Stage
Pre Primary to Grade 2

"Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play, children learn how to learn.”

Pre-Primary (PP1-PP2)

Early childhood is the stage where children are curious about everything they see, are open-minded, and bubbling with new thoughts and ideas. This stage is perfect to trigger their quest for learning and engage them in intriguing activities to stimulate their senses.


C u r r i c u l u m f o r P r e - P r i m a r y

  designed with relevant levels of thinking and inquiry, to create an ardour for learning where  the learner acquires and develops a basic knowledge of foundational literacy and numeracy skills as per the recommendations of NEP 2020.

  lays emphasis on a child’s natural, psychological, physical and social development. Students learn concepts while working on various materials (sand, paper, colours etc.,), instead of the traditional way of instruction.

  focus is on self-expression and learning is imparted through playing, singing, show and tell, drawing, writing, social interaction etc.

English, Mathematics, Environmental Science and Hindi/ Telugu as Second Language (only in PP2)

are the subjects taught in Pre-Primary.

Grades 1-2

“Learning is pleasurable but doing takes the joy to a whole new level.”

The conventional methods of cramming and rote learning are replaced by learning through activities.

An activity-based curriculum in Grades 1&2 –

designed keeping in view of the age group in each class and different learning abilities.

promotes overall growth of the child and is planned to help the child enjoy the school days and develop his individual potential.

Core subjects taught in Grades 1 and 2 are

English, Mathematics, Environmental Science (EVS), Hindi or Telugu as Second Language and Computer Science.


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The school follows a House System to develop qualities of leadership, self- reliance and teamwork. The entire student community is divided into four houses